About Us

We do different.

We believe in ideas. Here at Pixel Smash, everything starts with an original thought.

They inspire us to work in exciting new ways. But they’re also essential if you want to connect with an increasingly cynical audience. We take a fresh idea, then add some skill, passion and discipline to produce something great.

We collaborate to create.

From initial concept to development and delivery, Pixel Smash offer the whole package. All courtesy of a dedicated team of specialists

working together to produce the best possible product.

Together, we bring over 33 years of experience to the table; covering everything from gaming and user-interface to information architecture. We also have a thorough appreciation of context, understanding the difference between making something work on a website rather than mobile, for example. But we love to learn too. Using design, prototyping and crafting to improve what we do.

It’s not always a linear process. But it’s how our very best work comes about.

We deliver at every level

We have a proven track record of successfully delivering work across a huge range of platforms. Gaming, branding, UX, UI, graphic design, motion graphics, e-commerce, product

design, illustration, character design and development…we’re into them all.

Whether we’re creating original concepts from scratch or bringing clients’ ideas to life, we make sure every project shines.

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