We specialise in the extraordinary.

We are a team of digital creative experts who specialise in groundbreaking ideas and quality execution. From hardware and product design to 3D visualisation and branding, we create extraordinary work that captivates audiences and exceeds expectation. We love what we do, and we know you will too.

Case Study

our super
award-winning game.

Meet Super PowerBoy, defender of
the planet, destroyer of aliens and
our very own premium platform
game whizz-kid.

We created the IP, devised unique characters
and crafted a whole digital world.
Super Powerboy came second in the Pocket
Gamer Big Indie Pitch and on release
received resounding critical acclaim. The title
was featured by Apple on their iOS and Apple
TV Stores.

Case Study

Bringing the Tethered world
to life.

As a God you must look over your
world and the peeps who live there.
However, this particular paradise is in
chaos – ransacked nightly by wicked
creatures. Only you have the power
to restore balance.

Pixel Smash was given the pivotal role of
designing the titles branding, UI and UX.
VR presented Pixel Smash with new a medium
to explore, providing new cutting edge oppor-
tunities for interaction and communication
which were never possible in traditional 2D.

Case Study

Realising the alien world of Halo 5 Guardians.

Pixel Smash worked with 343 Studio
to create a compelling alien environ-
ment for the latest chapter of the leg-
endary Halo franchise.

We got in on the action with branding, ico-nography, screen UI and decals. Not to men-
tion animated renders, assets for alien screen
terminals, cutscene cinematics and user
online emblems. Adding crucial details to
every corner of this alien world.

Case Study

A hard working world for CAT.

CAT machinery operates in no less
than 14 industries – and we recreated them all in fully-functioning 3D.

Working with the Connect Group agency, we constructed a fully-animated world to show CAT at work. What’s more, with smart cre-
ative direction and agile project manage-
ment, we put the whole thing together in just two weeks.

Case Study

Making a scene in Touchwood

Yes, when it comes to our work, we like to make sure everyone sees it – especially during the festive period.

These five individual snow domes were created in partnership with communications agency RBH for Solihull’s Touchwood shopping centre during the 2013 festive season. Each dome was modelled and rendered in 3D and created from scratch, but as you may already know, it’s amazing what you can build with a bit of snow and a sprinkle of imagination.

Case Study

Alpha Zoo comes to life.

We’re developing an original IP de-
signed to helps kids learn their ABC with a wild twist.

Alpha Zoo is an interactive mobile app that presents the alphabet in animal form for pre-school and primary school children.
And we’ve had loads of fun developing the high-end 3D characters and animtion.

Please Find out more here

Case Study

Premium packaging for GameStick

GameStick delivers a fresh approach to big screen gaming. And we delivered a fresh look to help it jump off the shelves.

Our packaging for the forthcoming range of consoles and accessories is designed to stand out from the crowd on cluttered game store shelves. And, while the product offers outstanding value, it was crucial that we maintained a clean, premium feel that communicates the product benefits and helps the brand become a must-have.

Case Study

High impact typography

When freelance creatives Nick Carter and Steve Williams came up with an attention-grabbing asthma awareness concept, we brought it to life with dynamic 3D typography.

The project, featuring French football star Louis Saha, saw us exploiting the latest modelling and rendering techniques to create photorealistic type that was both clearly legible and highly impactful. What’s more, we delivered the work across several layouts and language variants in less than two weeks.

Case Study

Developing a new kind of games platform.

HEX was one of several proposals put together for PlayJam. They briefed us to develop some ideas for a new revolutionary android-based games console.

We were keen to create something unique and distinctive, but very simple. Our branding concept played with colour and energy to contrast nicely with the hardware’s simple design and uncompromising minimalism.

Case Study

Evoque sustainability.

RBH briefed us to create an interactive experience to position the Range Rover Evoque as the most sustainable Range Rover ever created.

We came up with an award-winning 3D animation setting out how the Range Rover Evoque supports sustainability at every stage of its life. We were responsible for all aspects of the project’s development, from the generation of 3D assets to the individual audio effects. Our multi-platform digital experience was built around an interactive website, with both rich media and html variants; along with an HTML5 format video version for iPad and mobile. Our video featured a voiceover from automotive journalist and Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith.

Case Study

Adding character to National Express.

RBH appointed us to develop character driven 3D visuals for their new National Express student campaign.

We were responsible for building all of the models, constructing the scenes, and delivering final renders ready for print. All of the 3D rendered assets were built from the ground up and the whole project was turned around in less than two weeks.

Case Study

Jaguar XJ LCA project, building on success.

Following on the back of the award winning Land Rover Evoque LCA project, RBH approached us again to develop an LCA Jaguar experience.

We were able to push the project forward creatively and technically by making the most of our previous experience. One of most noticeable improvements was the sites physical size. The larger window made the most of the 3D assets and delivered a far more immersive experience.

Case Study

Putting big screen gaming in your pocket.

Play Jam approached us to a create an affordable Portable TV Games Console.

We have been instrumental in the early stages of its development - producing conceptual ideas for branding, hardware and UI. The project was successfully launched on the Kickerstarter website in January, raising $647,658 in 30 days, which is six times its original target.

Case Study

Developing a new kind of console dashboard.

We helped make the Xbox 360 a media centre in the home with a new Dashboard giving users access a world of gaming and online content.

Pixel Smash helped conceptualise the con-sole’s avatars; whilst also developing ideas for the second edition of the Dashboard, in-cluding a floor-based blade system. Our own fresh spin on the 360 story.